How do you control the production process and make optimal use of production resources?

MES implementation with automated workflow

Implementation of a MES system optimizes the management of the production process and ensures that people, machines and products are efficiently deployed. The concrete quality objectives that Sonneborn aimed to achieve via automation included insight into the real-time production process, centralized management of information, and optimization of the overall production process. The implementation of a MES system seemed the perfect solution for these challenges.


ICT decided to utilize the Aspen Workflow (Aspen Production Execution Manager) software to support Sonneborn’s workflow. The production process at Sonneborn is quality controlled based on information from product sampling and laboratory analyses. This information enables Sonneborn to adjust the production process when necessary. The proper order for carrying out the various manual activities is described in the workflow and registered in the registration system. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when.


The automated workflow ensures that the instructions for the operators and laboratory technicians are managed much more efficiently. Waiting times for loading and unloading are minimized. The implementation of the MES system also optimizes the efficiency of the production process. The process of determining whether the product meets all criteria has been reduced. In addition, the reprocessing of products is also reduced, as fewer errors are made during the production process. The improved information flow also minimizes energy consumption and maximizes production volumes. Finally, the people at the production management level have better insight into actual production levels, as daily reports are available based on real-time information. This enables them to respond more quickly in case of discrepancies or deviations. Project: MES-system and automating workflow Client: Sonneborn Refined Products 0-sonneborn

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