SmartWebportals for ECT

ECT provides terminals that form essential European hubs for freight transport via ships, trucks and trains. It offers complex and large-scale services for international customers who can be quite critical, and who demand high-quality logistics and related services. In addition, they require these services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

ICT Group has worked with ECT as its automation partner for 15 years. The challenge here was the complexity of the task at hand, involving three different terminals in three different docks in the port of Rotterdam, a large number of containers and a large group of players involved, including customers and shipping companies. To meet this challenge, we developed a new and customized SmartWebportal that delivers computer-based services to the customers and partners of ECT. This platform not only complies with the newest and most stringent contemporary standards but also delivers all the necessary services quickly and efficiently.

ICT Group took care of the architecture, development and implementation of a Service-Oriented Architecture system based on Microsoft BizTalk, SharePoint and SQL Server. This included service, support, hosting and project management. The core strength and added value provided by ICT Group in this case was based on its knowledge and application of integration packages in combination with its years of experience in the complex domain of container terminals. Project: SmartPortal at container terminal Client: ECT

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