How do you optimize the usage of renewable energy in a neighborhood?

Energiekoplopers Heerhugowaard

The project “Energiekoplopers Heerhugowaard” is a smart energy neighbourhood of approximately 200 households in which energy use within the neighbourhood is optimised. The households have innovative equipment enabling flexibility in the energy supply and demand. The whole project is based on USEF. Heerhugowaard is therefore the first pilot applying the USEF reference implementation. The consortium consists of Alliander, Essent, IBM, ICT, NRG031 and the Municipality of Heerhugowaard. ICT is responsible for the IT infrastructure. ICT’s SESP platform provides the basis for the IT solution, ensuring access to the smart meters and equipment in the homes, data collection and storage, and residents’ feedback through portals and apps. ICT is also involved in the setup of specific USEF processes. These processes are used in the USEF reference implementation as pluggable business components.

Project: EnergieKoplopers (energy front men) Heerhugowaard Client: Consortium of several parties

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