How do you fully integrate new SIL-certified systems and instrumentation the existing systems?

SIL reclassification at DSM

DSM Elastomers’ Keltan range of high-quality EPDM rubber compounds has made the company a market leader in this field. During a technical assessment of safety system design and operation, it was found that the EPT1 and EPT2 loops in the Schneider Electric PLCs were associated with an excessively high probability of failure when judged against current standards. This probability is also sometimes referred to as Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD). A loop consists of a sensor (instrument), logic solver (control system) and actuator (valve or motor). A number of solution paths were defined and budgeted in consultation with ICT’s technical consultants. Finally, it was decided to engineer the SIL 1, 2 and 3 loops using new SIL-certified PLCs from HIMA. This implementation choice guarantees compliance with official standards, involves a relatively minor scope and was implemented in practice in 3 short turnaround procedures. The total migration comprised 600 I/O points. The new SIL-certified systems and instrumentation are fully integrated in the existing systems. The conversion projects were completed to the full satisfaction of the Elastomers division, without errors and incidents and within the set conversion timeframes. Following implementation of this project, all of the factories in the Elastomers division comply with the prescribed SIL standards. Project: SIL-reclassificatie Client: Elastomers 0-DSM

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