How do you enable central control of all bridges and locks in the Zeeland delta area?

Modernisation of Object Control in Zeeland

The Department of Waterways and Public Works controls and operates a large number of bridges and locks in Zeeland. An improved throughflow of shipping was needed based on modern traffic management. To meet this requirement, complete remote operation was decided on, 24 hours a day, by a new nautical control centre on Neeltje Jans. The design, realisation and implementation of the local and central control systems were carried out by ICT Group.

The challenge

The bridges and locks in Zeeland were in need of modernisation to make them suitable for remote operation. The integration of all the different control interfaces was a particular challenge. Examples here are SCADA, audio, mariphones, video, VTS and meteo systems. The geographical distribution of the bridges and locks also complicated things logistically. It was important that all the control systems continued to operate synchronously and that there were no delays.

The solution

ICT Group decided on software development based on Microsoft .NET due to its robustness and flexibility. The central operating system was developed, tested and delivered by ICT Group. The nautical control centre on Neeltje Jans now has a total overview and can organise corridor transport by coordinating passage efficiently. This minimises waiting times for both water and road traffic, with clear social and economic benefits. The modern system is sustainable, safe, reliable, expandable and completely future proof.

Project: Modernising Object Control Zeeland (MOCZ)
Client: Cofely Energy & Infra for Rijkswaterstaat (dept. Infrastructure)

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