How do you streamline the production of 2,800 cheeses per hour?

MES system for cheese production

The dairy products production facility ‘De Graafstroom’ in Bleskensgraaf is part of the DeltaMilk cooperative. The production facility specializes in the production of round and rectangular Gouda cheeses. The production facility has presently been expanded with an extra cheese ripening and storage facility, extra processing lines and a new delivery line. The new delivery lines will also be fitted with a Vision system and a stacking robot. The new delivery line has a capacity of 2800 cheeses per hour, and the processing lines can also be used to turn or plasticize the cheeses. ICT developed a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to properly control and manage the processing lines, to collect and control the cheese related data, and to provide the necessary reports. The MES system takes care of communication with other systems such as vision systems, weighing systems, PLCs, a metal detector, quality and administrative systems. Finally, the system also has to take into account the various routes followed by the cheeses in the production facility. In order to successfully implement the system, ICT started by first identifying and setting down the user requirements and wishes and preparing a functional description. These documents were used as a basis for developing the MES system. De Graafstroom and ICT decided to use the Agile Scrum method for managing this project. This method is characterized by dividing the project into several short stages, each of which delivers a new functionality as part of the system. In this way, the client quickly obtains insight into the functionality delivered and adjustments can still be made at an early stage if necessary. The approach taken ensured that the MES system delivered to De Graafstroom was nicely tailored to its specific wishes and requirements. Project: MES-system for cheese production Client: Dairy factory De Graafstroom 0-de-graafstroom

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