Can a waste water treatment plant reduce costs by means of flexible energy consumption?

Soon after the solar park at the waste water treatment plant in Horstermeer had been completed, the Amstel, Gooi en Vecht (AGV) / Waternet Water Authority wanted to know whether it was possible to achieve additional energy cost savings. For instance, by means of flexible energy consumption. The water company applied ICT Group’s 20 Day Challenge to investigate a positive business case. And this certainly proved to be possible. By applying CHP plants via a smart Energy Management System (EMS), the treatment plant can achieve a considerable reduction of its energy costs on an annual basis.

Waternet is the joint organization of the Amstel, Gooi en Vecht Water Authority and the municipality of Amsterdam. The water company’s main activity is producing drinking water, but the company is also responsible for managing waste water treatment plants. Waternet now intends to expand its water supply activities by supplying energy. For instance, by generating and supplying energy from waste water, surface water and drinking water (aqua-thermal technology). AGV / Waternet’s plan is to operate the waste water treatment process in an energy-neutral way by means of installing solar panels. ICT Group’s experts were asked to support the water company in achieving its energy objectives.

“My conversations with the operators allowed me to determine whether there were any possibilities of flexible energy consumption at all, and to identify any possible quick wins.”
– Elke Klaassen, technisch consultant


The EneryNXT platform provides transparent insight into an organization’s energy regime. In addition, EnergyNXT offers a wealth of facilities for smart ways of organizing and aligning the energy consumption or production of all assets. The platform was developed by ICT Group and it is the foundation for EMS systems.

Contact for this case

Heine van Wieren

Business Development Manager Energy

t +31 6 27 08 74 76


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