Building an infrastructure for electric transportation in Europe?

Greenflux Service & Operations Platform

The market for electric vehicles is booming. People are attracted by the possibility to use renewable energy to drive their cars in an environmental friendly way. The relatively short distances in the Netherlands are well suited for electric transport; The Netherlands also has an extensive and reliable electricity grid. Not surprising therefore that new models of electric vehicles (EV) are the first to be released in the Netherlands.

With the recently introduced EV with a range extender, the share of EV’s in the market is growing rapidly. One of the characteristics of electric vehicles is that they need to be charged regularly. Therefore GreenFlux is implementing a broad network of charge points. They are for instances placed nearby hotels and restaurants along the Dutch motorways which allows drivers to, do others things while charging the EV, such as enjoying a meal, have meetings, or work on WiFi hotspots. In addition, GreenFlux also places charge point at home and at work. With GreenFlux at home, at work and on the move drivers can always charge EV’s simple, fast and inexpensive! Project: Greenflux Service & Operations Platform Client: Partnership with Greenflux

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