ICT has engineered a link between SAP and the SattLine process control system for BYK-Cera

SAP PP link with SattLine and SattBatch

BYK-Cera produces high quality wax emulsion additives that are used in automobile paints, other paints, coatings and printing ink. The production process mainly consists of metering liquid raw materials from the tank array. Production has been expanded on many occasions in recent years, meaning that the control system has also been drastically extended. SattLine and SattBatch were used to set up the batch-based production process at BYK-Cera.

Link between SAP and SattLine

ICT has engineered a link between SAP and the SattLine process control system for BYK-Cera. SAP delivers recipes in the form of text files that are imported by a SattBatch-based scheduler module. Extensions to the user interface in SattLine have made it easier for operators to choose between the different recipes. Users with the appropriate authorisation are able to modify, copy and store recipes. The standard recipe editor in SattBatch had to be thoroughly reconfigured for this. If communication with SAP fails, the operators are able to change recipes locally. The control strategy for lining up routes has been adapted, resulting in optimised communication within the SattLine control layer. Response times have reduced significantly. Uniformity and centralisation of recipe management contribute to increasing quality standards, reducing costs and achieving greater flexibility in the production process at BYK-Cera. The modifications made by ICT have also lead to permanent improvements in local reliability. Project: link between SAP and SattLine Client: BYK-Cera byk

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