Alignment of IT and OT for a digital enterprise

The world of industry is experiencing a major disruption. With the advent of the Industrial Internet, smart machines, and big data, manufacturers have started realizing the benefits of bringing IT and OT together in a connected factory.

But Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have a long, isolated history. Both developed along separate paths, with different
goals, operating in completely different ecosystems. The gap between these two critical elements hinders manufacturers in having necessary
information on hand. The lack of proper information at the right time can get translated into wrong decisions and unreliable outputs. However, IT
and OT won’t remain isolated forever.


The current situation in IT and OT shows that there is a disconnection on three topics:

Technology Misalignment: Differences between the office and the shop floor
Cultural Aspects: Organizational separation, because of differences in employee profiles
Ownership and Governance: IT and OT often have different owners within the company

Driving IT / OT convergence by tearing down the IT / OT Data silo’s.

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