Marten’s challenge: Can an SME supply flexible power? Absolutely!

The generation of sustainable energy is subject to sharp peaks and troughs which do not match those of consumption, which is why future energy consumption must be scheduled to coincide with energy-generation peak hours, thereby reducing energy storage. We also refer to this deferred energy consumption as flexible power supply. This power can be used to respond to market prices, reduce peaks in the distribution grid, or to provide balancing power to TenneT.

Aggregate energy demand
For instance, if the energy consumption of an individual small or medium-sized business is too low to be able to supply flexible power, they could turn the tables by joining forces with other businesses to aggregate their energy demand. This is relatively easy for households due to the limited number of energy-consuming appliances, which mainly comprises boilers, heat pumps and, at most, an electric car. The number of ‘energy guzzlers’ in the business market is much higher and more diverse. And connecting all these devices to a platform that monitors and manages energy consumption is a highly complex process most businesses will likely want to outsource. To respond to this need, ICT Group joined forces with Engie, Jules Energy, Enexis, New Energy Coalition, TU/e, the City of Groningen and the Zuidoost Business Park.

“We examine methods for promoting the energy transition in the small and medium-sized business segment.”
– Marten van der Laan, Senior business consultant

As part of this collaboration, ICT Group has provided access to its energyNXT platform, which monitors the energy consumption of all devices connected to it. At moments when the supply of sustainably generated energy is low, energyNXT makes sure energy consumption is deferred as much as possible.

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