Jeffry’s Challenge: Finding the perfect work-life balance

The work involved with data standardisation at Waternet is a daunting task, presenting quite a challenge for Jeffry Withagen and his family life. ICT Group understands the importance of ensuring the optimum performance of employees and is always happy to provide personalised advice to each employee to help them find the perfect balance between their work and personal life.

Jeffry has currently been contracted by ICT Group to Amsterdam’s water company Waternet as a Senior Control Designer, where he is jointly responsible for programming, advising and organising new standards. “We develop technical standards for four different water treatment plants and pumping stations with associated field installations. While working on this project, I became the project leader’s right hand. In this position it is my duty to provide substantial motivation as to whether a certain task, idea or standard should be implemented.”

Working from home

Jeffry enjoys a special arrangement which allows him to successfully perform his work at Waternet and spend time with his young family. “With a second child on the way, my mind is mainly on my family at home for the time being, so I am ever so grateful to be able to spend more time at home.” Jeffry works from home two days a week and at the Waternet offices in Amsterdam three days a week. “I am partially compensated for my commuting time, allowing me to spend more time with my son.”

“ICT Group came up with this solution together with their client. Thanks to their full cooperation, I can perform well both when working from home and at the office.”


Even though Jeffry is not in the office every day of the week, he is closely involved in the developments at Waternet, and is enthusiastic about the company’s transformation. “The water company is shifting from being a water supplier to an energy distributor. For example, there are various projects in which heat pumps are used to generate energy from groundwater. Process technologists are also constantly exploring areas for improvement, such as the recent process adjustment for the pumps between Utrecht and the treatment plant in Leiduin, resulting in annual cost-savings of several thousands of euros. Developments like these mean we also get to develop new standards and benefit from these improvements.”

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