The world is in the midst of the next industrial revolution, driven by technology-based innovations. Innovations that offer opportunities and may radically alter industries, but at the same time add complexity due to the multitude of automated systems that increasingly communicate and exchange more and more data with each other. The analysis of ‘big data’ might provide insights to optimise decision making. These trends and developments can be classified as digital transformation. This digital transformation is happening everywhere, in every sector and industry and in this ongoing evolution digital security is crucial.

ICT is positioned at the convergence of sensor technology, connectivity technology, cloud technology, block chain technology, data analysis and data communications. With this we help our customers to seize the opportunities offered by this technological revolution and support the digital transformation of our customers, in a safe and secure manner. ICT has clearly identified the areas in which its range of expertise has the highest impact and where its proffered solutions provide the highest added value for its customers. This focus enables ICT to further enhance its technological expertise and its innovative capabilities. ICT focuses on:

Smarter Industries
ICT helps to create intelligent manufacturing technology solutions, supporting the digital transformation and the continued robotisation of industry. This enables more efficient use of natural resources and helps to reduce waste materials, which in turn increases the sustainable and economic use of natural resources. ICT Group provides innovative software solutions that form the connection between all the links in the chain, from raw materials supplier to end customer. These solutions include intelligent sensors, machine-to-machine communication, advanced process control, robotisation, manufacturing execution and intelligence and big data analytics. ICT takes the initiative in this field, among others by connecting parties in the market, creating the scale and scope for sustainable and future-proof innovation.

Smarter Cities
ICT wants to enhance the quality and performance of urban services, which generally goes hand in hand with STRATEGY AND VALUE CREATION reducing costs and resource consumption. ICT’s solutions enable cities to handle the complexity of increasing population due to ongoing urbanisation. Cities are increasingly facing challenges in the area of water, energy, mobility, waste and the environment. These challenges call for smarter cities in which people, authorities, companies, machines and even products are connected to one another, exchanging information and interacting in real time. ICT provides solutions to meet these challenges, by providing smart software solutions, enabling fast, affordable and safe connections within and between infrastructural, logistical and distribution networks. Connections that ensure that the right information is available at the right place and at the right time for citizens, companies and managers, enabling the optimal coordination of all urban flows. These solutions can be applied for, among others, drinking water supply, waste processing, solar energy and traffic and transport. This is how ICT contributes to the sustainability, efficiency and smartness that heavily populated areas need to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Smarter Health
ICT has developed software solutions to enhance the exchange of data in the healthcare sector, enabling synoptic reporting and faster diagnosis, increasing efficiency in healthcare. These solutions lead to cost reductions, but also increase comfort and safety for patients and leverage available medical resources. For instance, ICT is active in the field of pregnancy monitoring for women with health issues that is vital in the prevention of child mortality. ICT provides a tool for home monitoring, which is far more cost effective than monitoring in the hospital, making life easier for the pregnant women and giving them more peace of mind.

Longer term objective
Our strategic plan and execution are not set in stone. As the pace of technological development and change increases, we need to be agile to respond accordingly. We will therefore appraise our long term strategy annually against our ambitions as well as new developments and trends to assess if our strategy needs tweaking or revisiting. It is part of evolving and transforming into a full service provider.

The pace of technological developments makes it essential that ICT grows. The ability to respond swiftly requires a certain critical size of about € 150 to 200 million, to which ICT aims to grow over the coming years.