Message from the CEO

New technology is emerging more and more rapidly. ICT Group is increasingly – and often at an earlier stage – involved in clients processes that call for innovative solutions, solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world.

As a leading provider of technological solutions we are proud to employ people with a passion for technology and innovation. So it comes as no surprise that our motto is ‘making the world a little smarter every day.’

International expansion

In 2019 we really put ICT Group on the map as a global player, with highlights including the acquisition of Additude in Sweden and notable expansion in Bulgaria. Additude is a welcome addition to the ICT family with its rapid growth and a corporate culture that is a great fit with ICT. A culture revolving around people who give each other room and respect and who speak a universal language: the language of technology. ‘Employees first, customers second’ is a principle that Additude, ICT and I personally subscribe to. It is a precondition for success. Employees who feel at home perform better, are more loyal and create more value for our customers.

Challenging year

This past year got off to a good start with strong revenue growth, both organically, particularly in the high-tech and automotive industries, and as a result of acquisitions. In the summer months we were confronted with the abrupt termination of several projects, resulting in a considerable drop in productivity. We took immediate measures and increased the focus and efforts of the team.

Sustainable investment

In 2019 we invested more in issues facing society. I personally welcome this change and am eager to pursue it with management. It is a development that is truly supported throughout the entire organisation. This is reflected not only in the nature of the projects we take on but also in the new customers we welcome. The TURNN proposition for smart mobility and our water infrastructure projects focused on the most sustainable use of tunnels and locks are great examples of this.

Proprietary IP

Our proprietary OrangeNXT software solutions are showing great innovative developments in the field of Software as a Service (SaaS). The pace of customer acquisition is truly impressive. And MOTAR, our low-coding solution that is keying into robotisation in the field of Operational Technology (OT), has been successfully taken into production by ASML.

ICT in 2020

We are on track to achieve the desired revenue split between secondment, projects and proprietary IP, thus creating a more robust business model. The transition from a capacity-driven organisational model to a knowledge-driven model requires investment. We will continue to pursue this transition. At the same time margin recovery is our highest priority and we have already taken the necessary steps and will continue to do so, for example by integrating our smaller entities into larger business units. This will enable us to further roll out the ‘one way of working’ principle within the group and improve efficiency. And we will continue to globalise by expanding OrangeNXT and Additude to other countries. In addition, more of our solutions will be built in our nearshoring facilities in Bulgaria.

Looking further ahead, I see that the robotisation of our field is accompanied by a change in the buying behaviour of our customers. In the future current demand for custom-made solutions will increasingly shift to off-the-shelf (standard) solutions. This development is already clearly visible in IT and is set to follow in OT in the coming years. ICT is actively responding to this development, for example with the development of MOTAR.

Our people

As CEO I am extremely proud that every employee keeps our organisation focused and goes the extra mile to help provide our customers with innovative solutions – time and time again. This is what makes us unique. I am incredibly grateful to our people for their knowledge, commitment and motivation this past year. Thanks to their contribution we have been able to take the next step in the growth and development of ICT Group.

Jos Blejie

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