Making the world a little smarter every day

The world around us is changing fast and digital transformation significantly impacts the way we live and do business. It offers huge potential to make the world smarter while contributing to a more sustainable future. ICT is committed to playing its part in making the world a little smarter every day.

With a track record spanning more than 40 years, ICT has both extensive multi-domain expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. Integrating these strengths into compelling technological solutions puts ICT in a unique position to help its customers make their business processes more efficient, flexible, simple, safe and – as a result – more sustainable.

ICT provides software solutions developed in-house across every industry it serves. These proprietary solutions are bundled within OrangeNXT and enable our customers to benefit from the advantages of digital transformation. Expanding these software solutions calls for an entrepreneurial mindset with a shift from responding to customer demand to creating it.

ICT has clearly identified the areas in which its range of expertise has the highest impact and where the solutions it offers provide the highest added value for customers. This focus enables us to further enhance our technological expertise and innovative capabilities on our focus areas.


Smarter Industries

ICT provides embedded solutions for its customers. We help our customers bring their new machine, robot or car to market. At the same time ICT contributes to the creation of intelligent manufacturing technology solutions, supporting the digital transformation and ongoing industrial robotisation. This allows for a more efficient use of natural resources, resulting in a reduction in waste and an increase in the sustainable and economic use of natural resources.

We provide innovative integrated solutions that connect all the links in the chain, ensuring proper communication between the different components. These solutions include intelligent sensors, machine-to- machine communication, advanced process control, robotisation, manufacturing execution and intelligence, and big data analytics. As a thought leader, ICT combines its ability to connect industry parties with the scale and scope needed for sustainable and future- proof innovation.

Smarter Cities

ICT is an important contributor to the development of smarter cities. Improving the quality and performance of urban services is a necessity because of ongoing urbanisation and goes hand in hand with reducing resources and costs. ICT’s solutions enable cities to deal with the complexity of population growth. Cities face increasing challenges in the field of water, energy, mobility, waste and the environment. These challenges call for smarter cities in which people, authorities, companies, machines and even products are connected to one another, exchanging information and inter- acting in real time.

ICT plays a role in the design, operation and maintenance of capital-intensive assets. We help our customers, mostly municipalities, to manage these assets in a sustainable way. Another focus area for ICT within smarter cities is Mobility as a Service (MaaS), i.e. data-driven mobility solutions that meet individual needs through smart devices. MaaS is all about sustainable mobility, it aims to improve the traffic generated by both increasing numbers of people and goods in a more sufficient way: faster, cleaner and less expensive than current methods.

Smarter Health

To further increase the quality and efficiency throughout the health sector, ICT has developed software solutions that enhance the exchange of data, enable synoptic reporting and faster and more qualitative diagnosis. These solutions, for example in the field of pregnancy monitoring, not only reduce costs but also increase comfort and safety for patients and leverage the available medical resources.


Linking people, technology and ideas

ICT’s success is intrinsically linked to its people. Our people make the difference in delivering value to our customers. The ability to attract and retain the right professionals is a key driver of growth. We strive to be an employer of choice by nourishing a culture of entrepreneurship and being a front runner in cutting- edge technology. We challenge and motivate our people to perform to the very best of their ability and seize the opportunities the group provides. ICT has defined corporate values that embody ICT’s identity as an employer. Entrepreneurship, freedom to act, dedication to customers, expertise, innovation and business knowledge combined with an awareness of technological challenges are all part of the ICT identity. In the past few years there have been quite a few new entrants to the Group. To make sure the corporate values remain valid for our growing number of people, ICT is in the process of recalibrating its corporate values.

Buy and build

ICT’s growth strategy is geared towards being a leading European technology solutions provider in defined markets. ICT pursues growth opportunities both organically and through acquisitions for the purpose of expanding its current distinctive niche position. Acquisitions play an integral part in increasing scale and enhancing knowledge in specific areas. One of the main criteria in ICT’s acquisition strategy is that there has to be a cultural fit and mutual respect for knowledge, skills and working methods. International expansion, with a focus on Northern Europe, is an important element in ICT’s growth strategy.


ICT combines its focus on specific domains with its valuable experience in multiple industries. This focus enables us to gain the scale we need to fuel our research & development activities and be at the forefront of technological developments at all times. To address the growing demand of our customers for proven and affordable solutions, we are accelerating our nearshoring offerings in Bulgaria. These nearshoring capabilities provide an efficient execution platform for our project-based business.

Intensifying partnerships

It is ICT’s aim to help its customers get smarter every day with every product, process or application. To deliver on this ICT needs to thoroughly understand its customers and collaborate intensively with them on numerous levels. Partnering is essential to adapt and respond quickly to the rapidly changing environment. We work together with customers and business partners, both reputable, globally operating corporations and lean start-ups embracing leading- edge technologies. Strong partnerships with a large number of universities and colleges are also key to ensuring that ICT retains a high level of knowledge within the company.

Longer Term Financial Objectives

Based on its strategic roadmap ICT has defined the following objectives for 2022:

  • to increase the company’s annual revenue to around € 200-230 million in 2022 through organic growth of more than 5% and through acquisitions; and
  • to maintain a profitability margin (EBITDA) of between 13 and 15% (which equals between 10 and 12% pre-IFRS).


Progress in 2019

Further focus
In 2019 ICT refined its proposition by further focussing on areas where the company can truly make a difference for its customers. ICT excels in technological solutions in Engineering R&D and Industrial Automation, sustainable mobility, infrastructure and healthcare. Our Software as a Service solutions (OrangeNXT) are also offered across these markets, as are our nearshoring offerings.

International expansion
The acquisition of Addittude in Sweden early 2019 was an important step in the international expansion of the company. In line with its strategic direction, ICT expects Additude to become the platform for the Northern European market, offering high-profile industrial technology consulting services.

Strong growth in software solutions
ICT’s offering of proprietary software solutions showed very strong growth in the past year. Numerous new customers and new and improved solutions contribute to this growth. OrangeNXT welcomed HelloFresh, an innovative player in the meal-kit market, as large new customer of the MobileNXT SaaS platform. The platform enables HelloFresh to manage its expanding supply chains efficiently and reduce costs while optimising the consumer experience.

Accelerating nearshoring
To further enlarge its nearshoring position in Bulgaria ICT acquired two start-up companies in 2019, Kodar and Up2. Kodar closely collaborates with the University of Plovdiv, which increases ICT’s access to technical talents in the second largest city of Bulgaria. With Up2 ICT gains access to talents in the world of app development. At the end of 2019 the Group employs over 250 professionals in Bulgaria.

Mobility as a Service
Demand for sustainable mobility is growing at a fast pace. In its quest to increase sustainable mobility, ICT took important steps towards strengthening its offering in the field of MaaS. With the acquisition of BNV Mobility in March, ICT significantly increased its position in the mobility market. BNV Mobility is one of the leading smart mobility services firms in the Netherlands with a MaaS software solution. ICT will continue to invest in the enhancement and expansion of the MaaS system developed by BNV. At the end of 2019 BNV’s activities were fully integrated into InTraffic’s MaaS activities to enable more efficient and decisive operations.

Focus in 2020

ICT’s growth path is defined by its Strategic Roadmap for 2022 which is focused on realising growth, both organic and through add-on acquisitions.

In 2020 we aim to further strengthen our position both in the industries we service and in the geographies in which we operate. ICT aims to expand its international operations. The company will also continue to fuel the growth of own IP solutions, such as OrangeNXT.

At the same time we aim to optimise the business processes throughout the whole Group by striving to achieve one way of working. Reducing complexity within our organisation through further integration and centralisation will help increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Given the developments in the second half of 2019 the main focus for 2020 will be on improved productivity, while simultaneously driving the ICT objective of transforming the company into a total solutions provider. For the longer term we remain fully committed to achieving our 2022 objectives.

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