Robotizing the agricultural sector

It has often been said that robots will take over a lot of work in the agricultural sector. The developments regarding COVID-19 cause a breakthrough.

The pandemic confronts farmers with the need to invest in the robotization of their production. The lack of workforce is the driving force of this new global wave of automation in agriculture. Koen Peppelman, Business Unit Manager ERD Products, explains: “More and more farms around the world are being automated. Because the agricultural sector mainly runs on work by machines, the demand for smart IoT solutions rises. ICT Group provides solutions that increase productivity and optimize the use of resources.

Future proof

A Machine Control Platform makes machines future proof. ICT Group provides multiple Machine Control Platforms for the automation and connectivity of our client’s robotics and machinery. We develop and assemble embedded products throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Johan van Uden, Technical Consultant, illustrates: “Software development for more complex systems increasingly requires the use of system models throughout the design process. With the products from ICT Group we perfected such an approach. You can now build your own model and automate your robotics and machinery without any programming knowledge. We apply our solutions to all high tech industries, for example the agricultural sector.”

Learn how to robotize your production

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