New Corporate Magazine: issue 2 – 2020

We proudly present our fifth Corporate Magazine, Issue 2 – 2020. In each magazine, we are thrilled to share stories that show our dedication to make the world a little smarter every day. Do you know what drives us? We acknowledge the serious demand the future holds for Smarter Cities, Industries and Health. We are ready to stay ahead, to guide our clients through digital transformation and to develop smarter solutions. We are proud of everything we have achieved over the last 41 years and cannot wait to develop the future.

This issue’s theme is Stay Connected. More than ever in the past few months, ICT Group has highlighted the importance of connection: remaining connected to each other and our clients. We explain in this issue just how we did this. Read how our software developers worked online with their DevOps teams and learn more about our solutions that are used for numerous vital situations. For example the Nij Smellinghe hospital is using our Sense4Baby product to remotely monitor pregnant women who require additional medical care and check-ups. Other critical products in the age of COVID-19 include the compressed air and gas solutions created by Atlas Copco, which are used in hospitals worldwide. The company created a more data-driven maintenance platform that provides users with more insight into the status of the compressed air solutions.

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