AFL method results in significant decrease in number of caesarean sections

AFL method

Approximately twenty percent of women experience delayed parturition during the delivery phase of their pregnancy. This situation frequently results in an extremely long delivery process and the related complications. It is a huge burden on the mother and the foetus, but delayed parturition also has an effect on the obstetrics department.

Thirty percent decrease in number of caesarean sections

Recent research conducted by the Centre for Medical Technology Assessment’ of the Linköping University in Sweden has shown that the AFL method reduces the number of emergency caesarean sections during a stagnating delivery by thirty percent. What’s more, applying the method results in an average reduction of four percent of the cost per delivery as compared to deliveries during which the AFL method is not applied.

AFL monitor

ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions provides a sophisticated product portfolio aimed at assisting mother and child during a pregnancy. One of the products is the AFL monitoring system, developed by the Swedish company Obstecare. The system measures the lactate concentration in amniotic fluid. The entire monitoring system consists of two parts: a sensor and a monitor. The combination of these two parts is also called the AFL-test. The test is extremely simple to perform, and provides a scientifically substantiated instrument for assisting the clinical decision-making process related to delayed parturition.

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