Additude Academy: Digital information meetings on September 30

Excellent software developers are rare, especially if the professional also has to meet specific requirements. Techrecruiter Additude, an ICT Group company, specialises in finding the right candidate at the right company. Within its own Academy, Additude trains candidates on behalf of and according to the wishes of the client.

At the beginning of 2020, Additude started organising intensive training programs. Such as the PLC Engineer training program, which will start in the autumn of 2020. Additude will train a group of PLC Engineers in this program, who will work for a client after completion. This is carried out on behalf of five companies:

– Network operator TenneT
– CoNet (IT-specialist in the industrial sector)
– Systeemintegrator EKB
– Kaak Group (supplier of equipment for industrial bakeries)
– Indeff

Additude organised five digital information meetings on Wednesday 30th of September to recruit new participants and to inform them about the training program. The training starts in October, whereby the training path consists of three parts:

Part 1: Personal leadership
In this training the candidates develop their competences in the field of collaboration, communication, personal presentation, personal effectiveness and decisiveness.

Part 2: Theoretical course
The theoretical course focuses mainly on the PLC domain and Scrum. The turnaround time is two weeks and the course is concluded with an assessment in PLC and PSM1.

Part 3: Practical course
As part of the total course, it is very important that the theoretical knowledge acquired is applied in practice. The junior PLC Engineers work in scrum teams and in sprints to deliver a functioning “application”.

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