ICT Group strengthens healthcare activities with new label: ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions

ICT Group has decided to integrate its healthcare activities in both BMA and ICT Netherlands into a new label: ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions (HCTS). This will strengthen ICT Group’s position in the medical market. The process of integrating the two companies will be completed by 1 January 2020, but recently we achieved an important milestone: the launch of the new label’s website.

ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions will be the label used to provide services in the European market. The integration results in an agglomeration of expertise and experience in the domains of Medical Software Development, Radiotherapy and technological products for Obstetrics. The integration creates synergy that allows us to realise even more added value in our services. In addition to benefits for the customer, the merger also creates additional opportunities for our employees and other IT professionals to develop themselves within HCTS.

Merging the expertise of the two companies enables ICT Group to meet the requirements of its customers even better and faster, it strengthens our position in terms of the availability of resources, and it optimises the partner network.

ICT Group N.V. is a leading industrial technology solutions and services provider. Our specific industry knowledge of various markets, enables us to realise innovative solutions. Approximately 1400 passionate technical specialists are working for the ICT Group. The following subsidiaries are the main operating entities of the ICT Group: ICT Netherlands, ICT Belgium, Additude (Sweden), CIS Solutions Germany, Strypes (Bulgaria), Raster Industriële Automatisering, InTraffic, NedMobiel, BNV, Healthcare Technology Solutions, OrangeNXT and Improve.


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