Smart Energy project ”EnergieKoplopers” wins two prestigious awards

Dutch market model for smart energy wins two awards at the 8th European Smart Energy Awards

London, 3 February 2017 – At the award ceremony of the European Smart Energy Awards in London, USEF Foundation and smart energy pilot ‘EnergieKoplopers’ have received the Energy Market Innovation of the Year Award and the Smart Energy Roll Out Innovation Award.USEF Foundation was founded by ABB, Alliander, DNV GL, Essent, IBM, Stedin and ICT Group.

The Smart Energy Awards are part of the Smart Energy UK & Europe Summit in London. They are voted on by 15 judges from utilities and consumer bodies and aim to recognise excellence, innovation and creativity in the Smart Energy Industry throughout Europe and acknowledge those who are playing a defining role in moving the industry forwards.

USEF, the Universal Smart Energy Framework, describes a market model for flexible energy use (‘flexibility’). We are using more and more electricity and with the increase of sustainable energy sources like solar and wind energy, demand and supply of electricity are less predictable. By being flexible about when we use, store or supply energy, consumers can improve their energy efficiency and alleviate grid stress. USEF delivers a market structure for flexibility that fits on top of most energy markets and defines the roles and guidelines required to benefit all players in the electricity chain, from consumer to grid operator.

The EnergieKoplopers project in Heerhugowaard tested a USEF flexibility market for the first time. To this end, smart appliances were installed at 203 households, which enabled flexible electricity consumption. The smart appliances were automatically controlled by a smart IT system. The project has shown that the USEF flexibility market works: the system helps resolve the future problems in the energy system, and value is created for all parties that play a role in a USEF flexibility market.

USEF and Energiekoplopers received the awards for their innovative strength in the design and implementation of a flexibility market model that supports a unified sustainable market. At the 2016 Smart Energy Awards the USEF Foundation was also awarded with a Smart Energy Award shortly after first releasing their framework to the market. They were then recognized with the Smart Grid Network & Communications Award 2016.

About USEF
The Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) provides the international common standard for a unified smart energy market, connecting projects and technologies at the lowest cost. With a value-to-all approach, USEF enables the commoditisation and trading of flexible energy use. The framework defines the market structure, stakeholder roles, how they interact and how they benefit by doing so.
USEF Foundation was founded by seven key players active across the smart energy chain (ABB, Alliander, DNV GL, Essent, IBM, ICT Group and Stedin) in order to accelerate the transition to a commercially viable smart energy system. USEF partners work together to effectively address the challenges of one integrated system which benefits new and traditional energy companies as well as consumers. The outcomes of their work is freely downloadable for all.
About EnergieKoplopers
This demonstration project with 200 households is an initiative of Alliander, Essent, ICT Group, NRG031 and the Municipality of Heerhugowaard. provide insight into how more flexible strategies can help to grow sustainable energy and keep the electricity grid reliable at the lowest possible costs, while also indicating the potential savings for households. The flexible energy system is set up according to the principles of the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF). The project has been subsidised with a grant from the government’s Innovation Programme Intelligent Networks (IPIN). For a video animation of the results, view the video or download the end report at

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