Press Release: ICT and Tele2 provide an end-to-end solution for the M2M/IoT market

ICT (ICT Netherlands) announced today that it will be working with Tele2 as its mobile connectivity solution partner. ICT will be expanding its Internet of Things Analytics (iOTA) Predictive service solution with the Tele2 IoT mobile connectivity solution. The strategy of ICT’s iOTA Predictive service solution consists of leveraging business values such as Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Diagnostics and Predictive Marketing throughout the world. By having Tele2 as its partner, ICT can connect to remote devices where the data resides and transfer the data to its iOTA Predictive service solution for analysis. Rami Avidan, Managing Director of IoT at the Tele2 Group, said that: “Becoming ICT’s mobile connectivity supplier is proof of our competitive M2M/IoT offer to the market and of our relentless focus on quality of service. The seamless connectivity experience that we provide to ICT is crucial, and applies to devices regardless of their location. ICT’s iOTA Predictive service solution provides customers with a good starting point for rapid prototyping to start exploring new business models”. John Koot, IoT Business Development Manager at ICT, states that: “Tele2 provides us with a flexible business model that fits our needs. The possibility of joining their connectivity platform and the resulting availability of all networks in Europe were a great fit for our iOTA Predictive service solution. It is the missing link enabling us to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution. We are very pleased to have Tele2 as our mobile connectivity partner and we foresee huge benefits and successful implementations for both sides”. In the M2M/IoT market, you need to build in order to learn to cope with changing demands from the market. “We are pleased to be partnering with ICT to provide end-to-end services that are helping customers to build their business”, concluded Rami Avidan. For more information on ICT’s Predictive service solutions, white papers and reference cases, please visit

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