High water levels cause rise in water level app usage

15% more downloads of ICT Group’s new smartphone app Heavy rainfall and high water levels in the rivers and creeks in Limburg (the Netherlands) have created a boost in the usage of the Water Level Limburg app during the last couple of weeks. The app and the related website, which were launched in February 2016, currently have nearly 5,000 users and the app is downloaded 15% more often compared to the previous period. The ‘Roer en Overmaas’ and the ‘Peel en Maasvallei’ water boards, which commissioned the development of the app by ICT Group, have observed on social media that people frequently use the app. Both Limburg-based water boards are happy with the number of users. ‘’It shows that we have addressed a need for information from citizens as well as businesses,’’ says Christel Verstappen, project manager Limburg Water Level app (Water board Roer en Overmaas). The Limburg Water Level app is the first online platform in the Netherlands that provides a simple way of checking the actual water levels in Limburg. Erwin Krijnen, Project Manager Cloud Solutions at ICT explains: “The app combines data from all monitoring stations in the creeks and the river Maas in Limburg, and uses color codes to show whether the situation is normal or whether there is (a risk of) flooding”.

New standard

The success of the app has also been noticed by other water boards. “Particularly the insight into the actual condition of creeks and rivers provides added value for water managers. As a result, it appears that we have set a new standard. What’s more, we accomplished this within a timeframe of a mere six months, and we are very proud of this”.


ICT Group built the app using Smartportal, a cloud-based platform that was developed in-house. The platform combines data from various systems, and integrates them to present a transparent set of information. For more information, please visit The Limburg Water Level app can be downloaded free of charge in both the App Store and in Google Play. Please visit http://www.waterstandlimburg.nlfor the web version.

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