G2 Speech and LogicNets are pleased to announce their strategic partnership

G2 Speech, a leading provider of speech recognition and workflow management solutions, and LogicNets, the developer of the LogicNets decision support platform, are pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic partnership.

The two organizations plan to jointly develop and release to the market in 2016 a clinical workflow management solution, extending the benefits of G2 Speech’s SpeechReport product used widely in the European healthcare market, with the LogicNets clinical decision support (CDS) system. G2 Speech’s innovative workflow platform, which uses the Recognosco SDK, will now be significantly enhanced to include decision-based structured reporting. With this new offering, medical professionals can dictate their observations directly into a dynamic, rules-based report template which is integrated into the EPR/PACS/RIS workflow and accurately captures clinical data input and process it for downstream workflow and analytics. Now, professionals in radiology, pathology and other clinical fields can use advanced speech recognition to create significantly more complete, accurate and standardized reports while still completing their customary workflow in a timely and efficient manner.

“The addition of LogicNets’ CDS platform means it will be possible for our customer to not only create structured documents with actionable results, but to deliver decision support on top of that,”
commented Bert Groeneveld, Chief Executive of G2 Speech.  “This will help our users to easily follow clinical processes and guidelines as they are guided through even the most complex decision trees to the appropriate diagnostic and treatment outcomes. The benefits extend beyond just the clinicians to referrers, higher management and, most important, the patients.”

“G2 Speech’s established presence in the clinical marketplace at the point of critical medical data collection represents an ideal application for LogicNets,” said Jelle Ferwerde, LogicNets CEO.  “While clinical users maintain ease-of-use through speech recognition, the healthcare organization can leverage the decision support power of our platform to ensure appropriate outcomes and to drive a wide range of outcomes based research, both of which are dependent on properly collected clinician input.  We look forward to benefiting from G2 Speech’s experience and knowledge servicing this important market.”

About LogicNets

Since 2004, LogicNets has focused on developing its LogicNets Expert Decision Support platform allowing organizations to capture their expertise and make it available on-demand to all staff, partners and customers via online applications accessible from any location or standard device. The LogicNets Clinical Decision Support platform is offered either as a cloud-based hosted service (SaaS) or a locally installed web-enabled application. LogicNets is in Europe represented by ICT Automatisering BV. In close cooperation with LogicNets and its partners ICT will provide all necessary support to meet the expectations of their customers.

For more information on LogicNets, please visit for more information.

About G2 speech

G2 Speech was founded in 1998, since the company has polished and perfected the art of providing digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management solutions. G2 Speech successfully provides their products in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Holland. Within the UK they currently deliver solutions to over 35 major NHS Trusts. Globally they have around 25,000 users accessing their solution every day.



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