Press release: ICT and Transparix develop cloud-based platform

ICT (ICT Netherlands) – system integrator and technology service provider – and TranspariX – provider of software solutions for transport management – have concluded a partnership to jointly launch the online cloud-based platform For this, they are combining their knowledge and expertise in e-commerce, transport and software development. offers online shops a software platform that allows their customers to more precisely specify preferences for the delivery of orders: the delivery method (home delivery, collection at delivery point, etc.), date and even time of delivery. This service enhances the customer experience and increases the conversion rate for online shops. The software was developed based on ICT’s advanced SmartPortal technology. The software is completely cloud-based, device independent and configurable for each online shop. The intelligent business logic in the Transparix software and powerful integration with carriers ensure that online shops can print the correct labels and that deliveries arrive according to the wishes of customers. Roel van Geffen, Business Unit Manager ICT Cloud Solutions: “We look forward to launching, together with TranspariX, the online platform It will allow us to assist online shop owners with transporting and processing shipments. Together with, we offer a rich set of carriers and shipping options that give online shop customers choices concerning shipping and that enhance the customer experience, up to door-to-door delivery to the location desired by the customer”. Richard Haeger, CEO of TranspariX: “The development of with ICT enables us to apply our years of experience in transport management to the business-to-consumer market. Online shops can now offer functionality that until now was reserved to large companies. This offers great advantages for all concerned.”

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