First edition of ICT Hackathon brings some great concepts

On November 6th and 7th, ICT organized its first Hackathon in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer. A number of enthusiastiHackathon beeldc teams – a mixture of students and professionals –  worked on a domotica challenge and had 24 hours to build their concepts from scratch. Each team was given a kit with a Rasberry Pi and a Grove Pi, they were free to add as many hardware components as they wanted. The jury, consisting of trendwatcher Lieke Lamb and CTO of ICT Koen van Wijk, were pleasantly surprised by the variety of concepts presented by the teams. All teams made good use of the given 24 hours and presented working demonstrators. The judges were impressed with the innovations the teams came up with. After careful consideration, they decided to crown Gertjan van Zon and Niek Linnenbank as winners of the ICT Hackathon 2015. Their team came up with the idea of a smart fridge. Using NFC technology and several smaller sensors, the smart fridge enables its owner to keep track of the content of the fridge and find matching recipes based on the stock of ingredients. The demo Gertjan and Niek gave used an actual fridge and fresh groceries with NFC chips. The video gives an impression of a successful, fun and challenging experience. ICT is looking forward to organizing a next edition of its Hackathon in Q2 of 2016. Interested already? Email us at

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