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The world is rapidly urbanising. The fourth industrial revolution is now fully underway. And healthcare is trying to find affordable solutions for an aging population. All these challenges are calling for smart solutions. Solutions will make these processes more efficient, more flexible, simpler, safer and more sustainable in urban, industrial and care environments.

The 1100 professionals of ICT Group will take on these challenges together with you. We will manage  this by bringing people, technology and ideas together. And by linking our knowledge of your market to innovative integrated IT solutions for your company, product or project. Our challenge is to make the world a little bit smarter together with you!


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What makes us unique?


By translating new and innovative technologies in relevant business solutions.

Replicable and

Flexible approach and distinctive repetitive solutions and services for our customers.


Providing innovative and effective product / market solutions, enriched with the latest technology.


Acquiring and sharing knowledge as key factor in increasing the added value.

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ICT developed solutions that focus on making it work, rather than structuring the problem and making more generic solutions and processes.

When we decided to migrate our entire IT environment to the Cloud, ICT was the logical choice. A partner we knew we could trust.

In terms of its size, its in-house expertise, its reputation and its ability to deliver, ICT is way ahead of the field.

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