ICT Automatisering stelt zich tot doel bedrijfs-, productie- en communicatieprocessen bij onze afnemers te versoepelen, te vereenvoudigen
 en te verbeteren. Wij doen dit op basis van hoogwaardige technologische kennis. Kennis die wij presenteren in de vorm van inventieve en effectieve product/marktcombinaties...

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  • The future of your IT sourcing strategy

    Geplaatst op 29-10-14 door Almando Coutinho
    In the IT industry, software development is accomplished through different shoring strategies. We have on-shore, off shore and near shore. But with the economic growth in a lot countries, economic crisis in others, IT software...
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  • 6 steps to a succesfull innovation program

    Geplaatst op 23-10-14 door Almando Coutinho
    In these days of disruptive IT- innovations, the call on organizations to implement a innovation program becomes louder. The question is not when we should start the innovation program, but how.

    If organizations lacks...
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  • 4 keys for organizations to succeed in IT innovation

    Geplaatst op 22-10-14 door Almando Coutinho
    In this article I describe 4 keys to be successful as an organization using the right leadership striving innovation.Innovation is being powered by all 5 forces Porter describes.
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  • 6 Steps to Sales Success for IT professionals

    Geplaatst op 21-10-14 door Almando Coutinho
    Is it true Sales is not always telling the truth when they want to sell something? Is it true that Sales sells products and services that do not even exist? Or are these clichés wrong and can IT professionals look in a different...
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